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Safeguarding property and assets for the better future and of your financial assets after you is inherent. And, will writing is a responsible move if you are a non-Muslim expat and also a Muslim if you want certain execution of your property after you in UAE. Will registration in Dubai and UAE offer you the control today to make things better and certain for tomorrow for your family and business. And therefore, RAS Corporate Group provides exemplary services of will writing and registration.

Our services are dedicated to providing you with value-added consultation and assistance for making a will in Dubai and UAE. We comply with sharia laws for Muslims’ will making and provide impeccable support to non-Muslim expatriates. Our professionals are well experienced and go the extra mile by providing a complete service paired with expert consultation and proper execution. We provide one of the best will writing services in UAE and continue to excel with uncompromised assistance for the same.


Key Benefits Of Making A Will In UAE With RAS Corporate Group:

  • Experienced team of professionals and experts in will drafting
  • Thorough consultation and advisory
  • Services covering every type of will-making in the UAE
  • Shariah-compliant will drafting for Muslims
  • Online consultation for will drafting
  • Corporate will making services involving shares, bank accounts, assets of every kind, and more

The Process To Prepare A Will In Dubai And UAE With The RAS Corporate Group:

Consultation: We offer meticulous will drafting consultation to Muslims and non-Muslim residents of UAE, including advisory on their rights, options, details of the process, and will registration fee and charges.

Will Drafting: After a thorough consultation, we help you with will drafting in compliance with the laws and acceptable by the court. Our will drafting services is conscience, professional, and in your best interest.

Will translation: As required by the UAE’s law, we help you in the Arabic translation of the will drafted. We draft your will in English and translate it into Arabic for registration with the authorities and its notarization.

Will Registration: After drafting and translating a will, we help you register the will with the concerned authority like Dubai International Financial Centre for non-Muslims expats and the Dubai court.

Notarization: A will is only a wish until notarised; after registration that is submission, we help you get your will notarized with the authorities and for its application throughout the Emirates.

Why Choose RAS Corporate Group To Register A Will In UAE?

RAS Corporate is a trusted place with experienced professionals and experts with laws and procedures for making a will in UAE. We offer services with an ideal mixture of thorough consultation and proper execution needed for will drafting. We help you through the process with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and value-added services. We are also a one-stop destination for various types of will writing services in Dubai and UAE covering wills for Muslim, non-Muslim, bank accounts, corporate wills, and more.

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