Nominee Service In UAE.

Having a nominee in the UAE is essential . Business entities may hire a physical or legal nominee. It means having a designated nominee for the sake of partaking in the government’s legal frameworks. A nominee service can be called a tool for management where a person or a legal entity is appointed as a shareholder, secretary, manager, and so on of a business.

RAS Corporate Advisors is a nominee service provider in Dubai that serves both the UAE and international clients. We offer professional management tools and intermediary ownership to your business in the form of a nominee service, without any discretion in position allowed, and acting in accordance with the company instructions.


What Is The Benefit Of Professional Nominee Services In UAE?

A professional nominee service will give you a legal successor to your business in the form of shareholders, managers, directors, or secretary, depending on your requirement. Corporate Nominee Services in Dubai is offered by RAS Corporate Advisors, as a management tool, that you can put to use in your business.

You can keep your business vitals under anonymity. A nominee will be at the forefront of your business in the government records. This will ensure you are able to keep yourself under anonymity, least you choose to do so on your own risk. Furthermore, it will greatly allow you to shroud your investment strategies and asset locations by hiding them from the authorities; both government and private.

What Is The Role Of Professional Nominees Services In Dubai?

The role of such service is the same for every Emirate, not just Dubai. A professional nominee is just for namesake you hire as the immediate heir to your business. The nominee has no role to play in any of your business activities like decision making and enjoying the perks. It is just there for the sake.

What Are The Responsibilities (Or Not) Of A Professional Nominee?

A professional nominee serves as a meeting point for government rules and the company owner who has no natural nominee. Here are the roles played by the nominee:

  • Responsible for the protection of the beneficial owner (as a nominee shareholder)
  • A nominee has virtually no direct roles to play in the business
  • A professional nominee has no say on the internal affairs of the business
  • A nominee will not be the attestor of any legal document for the entity
  • A nominee will have no liabilities
  • A nominee will be totally exempt from all the vital operational matters of the business
  • In absence/ resignation of the nominee, the beneficiary owner is the in-charge of the business
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