Model Services For Liquidation Of Company In UAE

Quintessential And Specialized Liquidation Consultancy

Company liquidation is a stringent process in the UAE, and professional assistance at RAS Corporate Advisors offers lucid compliance with the land laws. Our services are directed at providing ease and law-abiding consultation for uncomplicated deregistration and desolvation of your company. Our model services of liquidation of company are the perfect balance of professional competence and personalization, making our services objective and accommodating for the process.

Our comprehensive liquidation approach offers you complete services right from risk calculation, paperwork to final deregistration assisted and supervised by the experts. Our professionals resolution, appointing liquidators in Dubai and UAE, meeting with creditors, debtors, filing documents, obtaining certificates, and so much more. We are one of the best reliable and reputed agencies offering services in the sector.


Comprehensive Services We Offer For Company Liquidation Process In Dubai And UAE

  • Services for voluntary and court-ordered liquidation
  • Consultation with risk assessment
  • Appointment of liquidator and issuance of notices to parties
  • Documentation and compliances
  • Assistance in obtaining clearance letters, certificates, and more
  • Assistance in certificate cancellation, audit, Bank account closure, visa cancellation, and more like LLC license termination
  • Services for company liquidation notice and newspaper advertisemen
  • Assistance for application for cancellation and ultimate deregistration

Key Benefits Of RAS Corporate’s Mergers And Acquisitions Services In UAE:

  • Thorough consultation of the process with auxiliary risk management
  • Assistance for the preparation of the documentation by experienced professionals
  • Expert advice on law compliances
  • Thorough assistance in the process from scratch
  • Business restructuring and consultation
  • A personalized and comprehensive approach towards the company liquidation process

The Course Of Action Of RAS Corporate’s Company Liquidation Services In Dubai And UAE

Consultation: Our services offer comprehensive consultancy on insolvency, its process, and risk assessment associated, to begin with, and prepare a step-wise course of the plan for the operation of winding up through consultation.

Documentation: After the consultation process, our team assists you in filing documents with the authorities and from the company and parties related like a resolution from shareholders. We also help you with the issue of notices and newspaper advertisements.

Procurement: Our services then assist you in the procurement of different certificates, NOCs, and other mandatory paperwork and licenses that need to be submitted to the authority. We help you with the filing of these documents after procurement.

Cancellations: After the procurement of the documents and paperwork, our services assist you in all the matters of cancellations and clearance like bank accounts, visas, permits, and more before liquidation reports and final liquidation.

Compliance: After all the process of documentation, procurement, and cancellation, we help you in the final submission of liquidation reports along with all the paperwork to the relevant authority for approval and cancellation certificate.

Why Choose RAS Corporate Advisors For Liquidation Services In UAE.

A team of experts with a comprehensive and professional approach makes RAS Corporate Advisors the ultimate choice for company liquidation services in the UAE. Our services excel with assistance throughout the process and compliance with the rigorous liquidation laws of the UAE. We also hold specialization in LLC company liquidation services with years of experience and expertise.

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