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Your private wealth management is made easy with the formation of foundation and trust in Dubai and UAE with RAS Corporate Advisors. We are equipped with know-how, professionals, and experts to navigate your wealth in different formats and for causes you wish to contribute.

Whether you are looking for long term asset holding options or wish flexible private wealth management, we got you covered with our services of setting up a trust and foundation formation in UAE.

For asset protection and succession planning of your wealth, we assist you in creating a trust in Dubai and UAE to help you plan a better future for your loved ones. Whereas, for corporate structuring, legacy planning, charitable and non-charitable works, we offer guidance to establish foundation in UAE. We comply with DIFC Trust Law and ADGM, and our services help you acquire the best expert guidance to form a foundation or set up a trust in Dubai or any other emirates of UAE.


Services To Help You With Creating Foundation And Trust Registration In Dubai, UAE

Trust is a helpful tool for wealth and asset protection, proper use as per your wish, and succession planning. The trust deed of a trust allows you to appoint a trustee for legal ownership and nominate beneficiaries to benefit from assets. Setting up a trust in UAE will enable you to determine the future of the assets and parties to receive benefits from them or, eventually, their ownership.

Our services offer you guidance to establish trust in UAE, professional help for the trust deed, and assistance throughout the process to provide your assets creditors protection, deemed succession, and benefits to the concerned party.

Following are the permitted formats by DIFC trust law and ADGM to create a trust in UAE:

  • Charitable trust
  • Non-charitable trust
  • Express trust
  • Protective trust

Foundation establishment is another tool for wealth management, creditors protection, and flexible private wealth management. It has similarities to trust formation and is ideal for company structuring to allocate assets for specific objectives. A foundation is a legal person just like a company and can hold assets in its own right but cannot carry out commercial activities. This nature of foundation allows you to allocate assets for particular purposes, for causes like NGO, and also to persons.

We at RAS Corporate Advisors offer systematic consultation for creating a foundation in Dubai and UAE and help you draft the foundation charter, documents, and other paperwork. Our guidance and assistance help you with structure, scheme, objectives, and more for its operation and governance.

Legal formats to establish a foundation in UAE permitted by DIFC and ADGM:

  • Foundation as an NGO
  • Foundation as a social club
  • Foundation as an association

Key Benefits Of Our Services As Your Advisors For Foundation And Trust Formation In UAE

  • Professional and uncompromised services.
  • An expert team and strict ethical codes of conduct and confidentiality.
  • Complete guidance and assistance.
  • Professional and legal advice to opt for option best fit for your purpose.
  • Complete know-how of laws regulating trust and foundation establishment.

The Course Of Action To Register Trust And For Foundation Formation In UAE With RAS Corporate Advisors


Our services emphasize thorough consultation for better and personalized solutions and our trust and foundation establishment services are no exception. We offer professional consultation to help you determine suitable wealth management, its format, and how you will be able to execute it.


After the consultation, our service assists you with compliances for the formation of trust and foundation like drafting of the trust deed and foundation charter along with determining assets, appointing trustees, determining objectives, and everything else involved.

Documentation And Filing:

We further assist you in documentation and filing of your trust and foundation with the concerned government departments and in compliance with the laws and formalities.

Why Choose RAS Corporate Advisors For Trust & Foundation Formation In UAE

It Is Important To Appoint A Service Provider That Offers You Confidentiality And Security When Wealth Management Is The Agenda. RAS Corporate Is One Trusted And Proficient Service Providing Firm, Which Keeps Security And Secrecy As A Priority For Its Clients And Compromise Nonetheless. Our Team Of Experts, Experience, And Expertise Make Us An Ideal Choice For The Registration Of Trust And Foundation In Dubai Or In Any Other Emirates Of UAE. Our Services Are Dedicated To Providing You Access To Excellent Guidance And Assistance.

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