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The integral part of a successful operating business is sound structuring and tax planning, and we at RAS Corporate Advisors are pioneers of the services in UAE. Our tax planning and structuring services go above and beyond to help your business achieve efficient functioning and compliances with savvy planning. We have a highly experienced team that dedicatedly works for the advancement of your business.

We offer a comprehensive service that covers aspects of corporate structuring and restructuring in compliance with the UAE’s company laws. Our tax planning services offer extensive solutions with assistance in double taxation, direct and indirect taxation in UAE, VAT, corporate tax, income tax, excise, and various others. We focus on bespoke solutions for each business and individual for efficient implications and results.


Services We Offer For Tax Planning And Corporate Structuring:

  • Tax consultation in corporate taxation, direct-indirect taxation, double taxation, and more
  • Tax registration and compliances
  • Tax savvy planning best suited for business and individuals
  • Comprehensive corporate structuring and restructuring
  • Completely assisted taxation and business structuring process and compliances
  • Follow-ups and reminder for taxation and compliances

Key Benefits Of RAS Corporate's Taxation And Structuring Services:

  • Well experienced professionals with sound know-how of laws of the land.
  • Team practicing on a wide scale in various taxation imposed by UAE
  • Extensive consultation and advisory
  • Personalized solution and services apt for business and individuals
  • Works closely with government agencies and officials

The Course Of Action For Tax Planning And Structuring Services:

Consultation: We commence our services with a comprehensive consultation on your business’s taxation and business structure for better understanding.

Strategy formation: After the consultation, our team forms the best strategies to tackle tax matters and offer efficient business structuring and restructuring solutions.

Documentation: We help you with the necessary documentation and paperwork for the implication of tax and business structure strategy to put them into force.

Registration: We assist you in the process of registration with the authorities for taxation and approvals for business restructuring.

Implementation: After registration and approvals, our professionals help you observe the implementation of the structure and restructure designed and comply with taxation.

Why Choose RAS Corporate Advisors For Tax Planning And Business Structuring:

Appointing well experienced and reliable taxes and business structuring service providers in Dubai UAE is most important due to the stringent laws and abidance. RAS Corporate is one of the most reliable service providers you can rely on for your business’s critical aspects and functioning. We are one of the best service agencies in the UAE, with a team of highly experienced professionals working dedicatedly for you. The key highlight of our services is the emphasis on personalization for most efficient results.

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