Mainland Business Setup In UAE

Business setup in UAE mainland is a lucrative opportunity, with one after the other Emerite competing to provide the best business ecosystem to the growing number of foreign investors. With a global infrastructure, UAE is an entrepreneur’s first-choice for foreign investment. Add on all the strategic benefits the geography of UAE plays, the opportunities are even more.

Of the three main forms of company formation in UAE, mainland business setup is one of the best options. If business opportunity and growth is concerned, mainland business setup is by far one of the most lucrative roles out there. It dwarfs the other two business setup options like Freezone and offshore when it comes to raw business benefits.


How To Start A Mainland Company In UAE?

Mainland company formation in UAE if done with a systematic approach it is one of the easiest to accomplish, as compared to other countries. However, it is not as simple as a freezone company setup and hence can be a little overwhelming with all the legalities and paperwork.

Here’s answering the basic how-tos for UAE mainland business setup:

1. DED Registration

If you’re opting for a Dubai Mainland Business Setup, you’ll need to get your way through DED or Department of Economic Development registration in Dubai. This is Dubai’s business management, strategy, and infrastructure development eye and they’re ultimately going to issue your license for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland.

2. Verifying Office Address

The next step is to verify your business address. Through this setup, the Dubai Municipal Corporation will verify the physical manifestation of your business that is the office space. There’s a couple of processing that needs to be done like generating a tenancy contract and Ejari before finally applying for the license.

3. Get In Touch With A Business Consultancy Service

As mentioned earlier, prospects of business setup in UAE mainland can get a little tricky if the correct procedure is not followed. Since here you are dealing with a local sponsor, your need for a local business consultancy service-provider like RAS Corporate Advisors is a must. They’ll navigate you through the paperwork and guide you with the right decisions so that you can put your efforts into better business planning.

So This Is A Short Recap Of The Steps For UAE Mainland Business Setup:
  • Choose the right legal business entity and activity
  • Arrange your local sponsor/local agent if required
  • Get your business name and activity approved for further processing
  • Get the MOA/Agreement attested
  • Choose office space and obtain the tenancy contract
  • Double-check other approvals, RAS Corporate Advisors can help.
  • Finally submit all the documents to obtain license
What Are The Benefits Of A Mainland Company?
A mainland company might have more legalities, paperwork, and technicalities involved in it, but the opportunities it provides is priceless. Here are the benefits of a mainland business setup in UAE:
  • 1. Trade unbarred– meaning you’ll be allowed to trade with other valuable mainland companies and any other companies in UAE and anywhere in the world. In case of freezone, this liberty is seized and only permitted in return for custom duty.
  • 2. Take government projects– only mainland companies are allowed to take government projects. The UAE government allocates some huge budgets to accomplish their projects and being able to take on that you’ve got to be a mainland company.
  • 3. Robust presence- as a perk of your mainland company formation in Dubai you get to open an office anywhere in UAE. The result? In-depth access to the local market and credible business presence.
  • 4. Financial perk– no need for a minimum capital to begin trading.
Are there different types of mainland companies in Dubai?
Mainland Company Setup In Dubai Comes In Two Licenses:
  • 1. Commercial business license: the most common type where 51% share goes to the local sponsor, and the rest 49% remains with the ex-pat.
  • 2. Professional business license: here the ex-pat partner holds the 100% share while the local sponsor acts as a local service agent.
  • Located in a naturally strategic area, the Middle East is a home for some of the world’s wealthiest conglomerates. Mainland company formation in Dubai comes with massive formational, legal, and geographic benefits. Starting from financial viability to the ability to churn out the biggest profits, this is a potential way to success. Freezones might look more lucrative, but it does not offer the benefits of a mainland business setup. For a detailed discussion join the conversation with RAS Corporate Advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Starting from very registration to licensing, processes of business setup in UAE are done with little to no paperwork. There’s a whole different set of laws applicable to foreigners (except criminal). What is more? The World Bank ranks UAE 1st in Africa and the Middle East for ‘Ease of Doing Business,’ with an 11h rank globally. Not an easy feat. So, yes, UAE is definitely good for business.

Setting up a business in UAE has some costs involved but that is nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

A good business establishment consultancy can help you steer through the costing and sorts. Prices are included for different steps like initial approval, name approval, type of MOA, sponsorship fee, licensing fee, and so on.

RAS Corporate Advisors can help you with Low Cost Business Setup in UAE. Majority of costs involved in UAE business setup are fees paid to the government at different layers of advancement.

Starting a small business in UAE should start with determining the type of business. Ask for advice from your trusted business consultancy service provider.

Different businesses have different needs, and so different locations in UAE have different business ecosystems to offer. Around 95% businesses in Dubai are SME businesses. So the answer is – consultation.

Some of UAE’s most successful businesses are tours and travels, real estate, banking, IT services, food delivery, e-commerce, restaurant among others.

If success is determined by capital, liquid funds, Abu Dhabi has to be UAE’s best emirate for company formation. Vast oil resources make it the wealthiest. If you’re looking for company formation in the capital of UAE, then this is your destination.

However, Dubai remains one of UAE’s most attractive business destinations, with extravagant resalestates, opportunity for every type of business, huge population to deal with and many other factors.

Ease of doing business in or around UAE is dependent on what business you’re into and from which business zone you’re operating your business.

Among freezones, offshore and mainland businesses, the mainland has the edge of better access to the business scene in UAE.

In the same way, an offshore business setup will be able to take the benefits of a restriction-free foreign trade.

Ask RAS Corporate Advisors for a detailed explanation on different business setup and execution prospects Dubai has to offer.

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