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Intangible assets speak the mind of a business and innovations are an absolute treasure. Therefore, safeguarding them is an absolute necessity just or even more, like protecting your tangible asset. The unique name of your business, its trade, logo, and all are summing up to a brand itself. The creative ideas and the authenticate innovations need a docket of your and your businesses’ name. Therefore, we at RAS Corporate Advisors offer comprehensive IP i.e. intellectual property holding services in UAE.

Our services are dedicated to providing your business’s intellectual property its due holding rights and various other measures to protect them and benefit your business with its holding. Our services comply with UAE laws and The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to help you register your work and ideas for trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Our extensive services also cover establishing a holding company for your intellectual property for a more organized and beneficial setup.


Services Offered By RAS Corporate For Intellectual Property Holding In UAE

  • Comprehensive consultation on intellectual property
  • Guidance to safeguard your products of intellectual, trade, and innovation
  • Registration of Trademarks for businesses
  • Registration of Copyrights for any original work
  • Registration of Patents for original inventions
  • Well-assisted and professional instructions
  • Guidance for paperwork, documentation, filling, and more

Key Benefits Of Our Services For IP Holding Services Of RAS Corporate Advisors

  • One of the highlights of our work is personalization
  • Understanding of brands, business, and security of both
  • Professional team and expertise through years of experience
  • Service assisting you from the ground level
  • Comprehensive service covering trademark, copyright, patents, and holding company formation
  • Tax savvy and effective business solutions

The Course Of The Action Of Our Services For Your Intellectual Property

Consultation: We begin with a thorough consultation, including services a business or an individual requires paired with guidance on the aspects of intellectual property and the process to safeguard them.

Due Diligence: After the initial consultation, we comply with our process of due Diligence inquiring things regarding and around your intellectual property. We establish understanding around the process in this stage.

Documentation: Further, with the services, we assist you in the documentation of all the paperwork required to file for your intellectual property and form a holding company for the same.

Registration: Our professionals assist you in the final registration of the documents with the authorities. We feel obligated to assist you efficiently with a full-proof process to help you quickly acquire registration.

Follow-ups: We also offer assistance with follow-ups to renew your registration across different intellectual properties and other aspects of holding company for a comprehensive service.

Why Choose RAS Corporate Advisors To Help You With Your Intellectual Property

RAS Corporate Advisors very well understands the value of brilliant ideas, creations, and how businesses should treat their valuable assets, tangible and intangible, both. And therefore, we as advisors leave no room to do right for your business. Our team works dedicatedly towards the only goal to ensure the proper use and safety of these assets. And, also works to get words out there about its originality and association with your brand and business. We see ourselves as one of the best IP holding service advisors because of the approach and sensitivity of our work towards understanding your assets.

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